Georgia Tech Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Action (EA) deadline for the Georgia Tech is October 10 (GA Residents Only).

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

It is 10/17, not 10/1

Also to be noted: 10/17 is only for Georgia residents. The deadline for non-residents is 11/1.

Does GA Tech allow for supplemental submission?

Can someone kindly summarize how the core curriculum works and how does AP credits satisfy that requirement.

@CC_Sorin, how/where does one include AP scores in the common app?

Hi, mom to a 4th year at GT. I hope I can answer your questions. D is engineering and she has a full schedule. She and her classmates from HS (we come from a metro ATL school) all came in with many credits from AP and IB. They impacted her by allowing her to skip Calculus and English BUT as an engineering major she has such specific requirements that she absolutely did not shave any time/semesters from her time there. She did enjoy exempting out of these classes though.

@cutekitty153, thanks for your response. What about the other core requirements like humanities, government, social sciences will AP credits also help skip them? Also, how/where does my D23 include her AP result in the common app?

You may want to post about the Common App in this forum since that question does not relate specifically to GTech. :grin: Best wishes for a successful application season.


It is actually 10/10 for Georgia residents this year. Not 10/17. They changed it. Just wanted to clarify so people don’t get confused.


Now actually I don’t know. It was announced that it was going to be 10/10 by the admissions office and our school counselor but my son just applied and he says the common app says 10/17? Their website now also says 10/17. So someone is confused, and it may very well be me😂. Can’t figure out how to delete my prior comment. Good luck to all!

Hi there! Skipping will dpend on D’s major. I feel like my D and all her classmates attending GT benefitted from 1, may 2 classes skipped. A few got high enough scores on BC Calc to skip the first Calc class, which is notoriously hard. (My D took it at GSU).

They don’t look at AP scores for admissions purposes. You can go to their website and figure out what you need to score to get credit. Many classes require a five for credit but there are a few that take a four. My advice is to take the credit! Calculus is very tough so if you can skip that with a 5 on BC Calc do it. Likewise, physics is known as a weed out class so if they place high enough to skip them, do. My son re-took a physics class that he had placed out of and it was a ton of work, and he ended up with a 90 which was very hard won. His thought was his physics teacher in high school was weak and his major requires a lot of classes that build on it but he still thinks it wasn’t worth it even though he ended up with an A. There is an argument that if you retake a class you can boost your GPA, but that definitely doesn’t work out that way often at Tech. Just because you’ve had it before doesn’t mean you’re going to make an A at Georgia Tech. There are no classes that are easy As.

BC Calc lets you skip Calc 1 and 2 and that is definitely worth it! Think you need a 5 though.

Maybe not easy A’s, but grades are quite inflated such that A is the typical grade.

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Not true. You can look at the grade distribution for every class. There are plenty of classes where the class average is a 2.8, 2.6, etc. Very very few where class average is an A. There is a program written by a GT student that provides all of that information, class dates and times, etc. to help with registration. Definitely grade inflation over the past where average Tech GPA was a 2.5. Not true now. Of course back in the day Tech had a 70 plus percent admit rate, so student caliber has increased as well.

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I think there are others like this that include other information but this is one Physics 2201 has a 2.9 average GPA for example.

It also can vary by professor, wildly. Just googled CHEM 1211 and one poor class has a D average with no As or Bs in the class of 100. This is why Rate my Professor is huge!


DS is a CS and Math major and so far many/most of his classes have avg GPAs in the 3.2 - 3.4 range. So within that class I was only saying that it is not uncommon for kids to have As, it is quite typical.

It is difficult to place out of classes at GT, unless it is via AP credit or dual enrollment. The result is students are required to take classes for which they know the material already.


Lord I certainly hope not since D turned in yesterday on 10/17!

We had wrong info! Could not edit. Sorry!!!

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If you’re interested in grade distribution here’s a link. It looks like grade inflation has creeped up the past few years or the caliber of student is better.

S20 should graduate as an ISyE in 6 semesters. AP credits plus a summer class or two shaved off a year. Doing a co-op now.


I have seen this before. Grades are definitely significantly inflated, although not sure it is different in many other unis.

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