Georgia Tech vs CWRU vs PSU Schreyer for Biomedical Engineering

DS visiting all three… and he will decide (see other threads).

PSU Schreyer Honors about $27.5K/yr
GT about $47.5K/yr
CWRU about $60K/yr

Biomedical engineering, with possibility of med school. Cost not an issue. We cannot gauge just yet as visits are coming up… and we’ll talk in car and on plane… but seems to be 49% chance PSU Schreyer as small college within large campus, rural, secluded, and sets up well for med school if interested… 49% chance GT as like the “big name” and top ranking… and 2% chance attend CWRU (cost not issue, but double that of PSU but recent blogs suggest they are not as miserable as they once were, possibly nurture students more, but he’d get that at Schreyers, etc.)

Its his decision… but recommendations? (no judgement needed, he will decide, he just added one school on us to visit).

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I think the correct way to make the decision from an academic/professional point of view is to visit the two departments and ask the students what the pros and cons of the departments are, and look at internships and final placements for jobs, and ask about average gpa, and weekly workload etc. Talk to people that you know from your school that went a year or two ago to either place. Do a long lunch or dinner with each of them, or in small groups.


It may be helpful for users to read through OP’S past posts before responding. E.g.

The newness appears that cwru is added to the mix.

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“DS visiting all three… and he will decide (see other threads).”

This is all that matters. You can get stats galore - costs (not an issue), placement (med school or otherwise) - in advance. You can study them ad nauseum.

But he’s going to visit all three (I thought CWRU was out). One is small, adjacent to a city, with what I think are “werid” sculputures.

One is in the middle of nowhere and huge - your goal will be to meet with Honors kids (not just tourguides) and find out - can this gigantic school be made small.

And then there’s Ga Tech - in a much more urban area, big city, smart kids galore…focused on STEM.

That’s why you’re visiting.

Make sure you eat in dining halls (and get ice cream at the PSU dairy), stop on campus and talk to kids. If you want pre meetings with profs…thats’ great too - but nothing beats stopping kids on campus and chatting.

Hopefully by walking around one will speak to him.

The data points at this point don’t matter if you’re going to visit…they are just stats…and hopefully he’ll say dad, this is where I belong!!!

And then you get to stroke the check!!

I say it’s 33/33/33 - not 49/49/2 - because if money doesn’t matter, then you shouldn’t say that CWRU is double PSU.

It’s a fair reason to choose a school - money - but then you’d just skip Cleveland althogether :slight_smile:
So if you’re going , it’s 33/33/33.

Let us know how it goes.