Getting into Goddamn lums

Okay so 5A* 2As 1B olevels 3As in As level an unfortunate sat score of 1280
Which I can totally improve if given another chance.I’m waiting for my lums desicion,however I’m not so confident since my sat score is low.My plan B that is if I’m rejected I’ll go to nust and improve my sat score and then apply for lums transfer (for humanities).I’m slightly confused as to how that works,will it lead to a lost year ? Also what should I keep in mind,since I’ve heard transfer isnt easy.HeLp.

Ok so I know a lot of people at LUMS and have a pretty good idea of what they look at.
Seeing your stats as is you have 5 A*s and 2 As in O levels which is excellent because LUMS focuses foremost on your O level grades.
A 1280 SAT might make you feel your chances are being harmed but honestly its not a huge problem. I personally know individuals with borderline 1200 scores with bad A level grades but exceptional O level results who have made it into LUMS.
Although, what you have to keep in mind is the difficulty and competition varies each year of course. Some schools are also easier to get into compared to others, I do think the humanities (excluding Economics) school is comparatively easier to be admitted to.
That said as long as you have shown within your application why you believe that you are best fit for your chosen major you have a great chance of being accepted!
In case that you don’t make it in this point in time, which would be unusual imo, you can always look into IBA! I’ve personally visited the campus and rest assured most or nearly all the people attending IBA are also prior LUMS applicants and it really isn’t a LUMS reject school. It has a lot of fun and intelligent people.
If LUMS although is what you would like to commit to in any case, your best bet is to strive to maintain as high a GPA as possible during your first semester and possibly retaking the SAT, as well as working better on your PS next time.

@MYx232 Firstoff thank you for replying :slight_smile: I applied for a political science major and really tried to kill my ps .My counselor said the competition is really tough and I needed a 1400ish score to be safe. IBA ? It’s a good option,however I’m unable to go to Karachi,so lums is the only suitable option left. Anyway, I just hope everything turns out okay.