Getting into Lakeside Seattle 5th Grade

My daughter is in 3rd grade and next year when she will be in 4th grade and then we want to apply for Lakeside. She loves reading, art , craft , dance , is learning piano & swimming and is in the Pull Out Quest program in lake Washington school district.
At her age she does not have many accolades/prizes/honourable mentions etc .Any recommendations on what things can be done at her age in terms of competition etc which would help her application ?

I’m not familiar with the school but it looks like she is in a gifted pull out? You might have better luck at Davidson Gifted Discussion or the CTY Facebook page for a discussion of common endeavors for gifted kids (some of who, will be her competitors).

Common enrichments that in turn are written on applications are John Hopkins CTY or other regional talent searches, classes taken through these providers or like ones from which are current on,one. Participation in math contents like Math League, Girl Scout awards programs, consistent volunteering, “work” of some sort, the creation or participation in things like a school literary magazine, skipping grade of math are very common and it may easier to do at that age. I’m not suggesting you do them all! But these sort of things often occur. Show an interest in something or do more than consistent participation.