Getting into UTSA

Hi , I have a SAT score of a 880 but my gpa is a 3.27 and I’m in the top 50% of my class . What are the chances that I will get accepted to UTSA ? If anyone knows ?

I would reach out to an admissions counselor - The contact info is on the below link. You will also see what UTSA says the SAT and ACT scores that are needed for your rank. It looks like a 980 or a 19 ACT to be able to be a committee review admit.

But I would seriously reach out to an admissions counselor for guidance.

You may want to re-take the SAT. You would probably get declined with that score. On the other hand, UTEP is an open enrollment university. As long as you fill out an application and submit your SAT scores, you have a guaranteed admission.