Gifts for Private Teachers?

<p>I've had a private coach helping me with monologues since about October. He is also my acting instructor. I have him for acting class all year, but the private coaching will obviously end soon since college auditions are here. So, my question is, should I get him a thank you note and gift now since the holiday season is here? Or should I just wait until the end of the year and get him something, after I've been accepted to college and made my specific choice. Since I see him all year, I don't want to get him a thank you card and gift now if I'm going to do the same thing in four months. I have a private voice teacher all year, so usually I just get her something around the holiday season as thanks. I obviously want to express my gratitude towards him for helping me, but I just don't know when the appropriate time is.</p>

<p>when you say your "acting instructor" I assume you mean a teacher at your high school; if this is the case, you may want to find out if your school has restrictions on teachers accepting gifts from students so you don't put him in the awkward position of having to turn down the gift. I would wait until you have been accepted to some places since that will be closer to the end of the year. Perhaps give him a box of candy or something small for the holidays if you really want to give him something.</p>