Go Tribe

<p>W&M vs GMU on ESPN for the CAA Conference Title and a chance at the NCAA tournament!</p>

<p>Go Tribe, indeed! Good luck, native American bballers. :confused:</p>

<p>their legs gave out in the second half...valiant effort, congratulations for making it that far.</p>

<p>great run by WM...</p>

<p>3 members of the All Tournament Team, and 2 will be returning next year (they are only sophs). Things are finally looking up for WM basketball. Dare I go out on a limb to predict 20 wins next year? It could happen.</p>

<p>Not unless we have a hotshot freshman coming in! Kiselius will be hard to replace.</p>

<p>We really need a center as well.</p>

<p>I wonder if Calvin Baker has had second thoughts?</p>

<p>We could have won easily with him in the lineup, and he would in the NCAA tourney instead of in last place in the ACC</p>

<p>Alex Smith, who will be a big inside presence will be back next year. He will have 2 more years with the medical redshirt he got this year. The transfer from Arkansas will be able to play, and also have 2 years left.</p>

<p>the future is finally bright for Tribe basketball.</p>

<p>There is a hotshot freshman from Norfolk coming in also, and another one from Cncinnati.</p>