Going Back to College Anxiety

I am currently a sophomore going into my spring semester. Right now I am on my winter break and I am going back to my college in about a week and a half.

During the time I’m on campus, I always have a longing to go back home. I feel empty and spend my nights regretting the college I choose and even going to college in the first place. I feel homesick everyday and wish I never had to leave my home and away from family.

My freshmen year was like this also but it was very normal. I’m almost a junior now and I’m worried why I am always feeling on edge whenever I go back to campus. I have supportive and amazing friends, my grades are good, and my college experience has not been bad in anyway.

But I feel so much anxiety, dreading, and sadness about going back that I just can’t control and understand. I cannot sleep nor enjoy my winter break because I know I will have to go back. Does anyone else feel this way? Is there any explanation for this? Anything will be helpful.

Do you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder?
Maybe you should see your doctor and get evaluated.
My daughter has anxiety and is doing so much better after taking medication.
Otherwise, start talking about what is making you anxious.
School work?
Then is there anything you can do to try to help…like get in touch with your friends or find out where your classes are.

Hi, I would recommend transferring to a college that is close to home or online if that would make things easier. Having a support system nearby would probably help make the return easier.

I live about 50 minutes away from my college so I go home every weekend, which is really convenient. My classes are adjusted so that I have no classes on Fridays (only four days a week of classes/extracurriculars).

I’m however planning to transfer to a college that’s even closer to home (15 minutes) so it’s more convenient (since I don’t have a car, it’s easier to find a job nearby, and I can save dorm money by living at home).

I hope things work out for you!!