going to the US with a bunch of pirated software installed

<p>lol I know the title sounds scandalous but just win7+adobe<em>creative</em>suit would cost me 2 months of living if legally purchased.
so I`m coming to the US this fall, will there be any REAL problems with American law if I arrive with my laptop equipped with pirated software? do I need to remove anything except DOS or everything will be fine? any related questions at the US borders?
thank you guys in advance for your understanding lol

piracy is bad, yeah I`m aware of that</p>

<p>No .</p>

<p>Don't worry. They won't know it's pirated unless you're still seeding on uTorrent lol. At the airport they'll only think that it's just a regular, everyday laptop.</p>

<p>They won't check your laptop for pirated software, don't worry :p</p>

<p>Some software companies give hugh discount to college students. For example, I recently purchased a copy of the adobe creative suite for a little over $100; and CS students can download Win7 and a bunch of microsoft stuffs free.</p>