Going to visit Penn next week.

<p>Anything I should see in particular? Anything noteworthy? </p>

<p>I heard locust walk is amazing. What are the best dorms? </p>


<p>If you say what you would like to study, I could point you to things to go to. Other than that, I'd assume you would take a tour and that would pretty much cover the general things to see. The only dorms [I think] worth randomly looking at is the Quad. At least when I took the admissions tour, that is where it ended. Unfortunately, that was when they were filming Transformers 2 so I couldn't see a room.</p>

<p>Oh.. I plan to study at the College of Arts and Sciences. Are the quads the best dorms or something?</p>

<p>In terms of undergrad housing, I think you'll have a good time at either Hill, Stouffer, or the Quad. The Quad is arguably the prettiest, Hill is the most social, and Stouffer is considered "chill" and quirky.</p>

<p>I was pointing out the Quad just because it was something worth seeing when visiting. I agree with legendofmax of dorm descriptions. I've lived in one of the high rises for the last three years and I basically knew my roommate and no one else in the building. High rise living (minus Harrison's freshman experience--won't aid in friend making).</p>

<p>I was asking what you wanted to study just because I was going to point out where the Department office and [probable] classroom spaces would be. The college is housed in Claudia Cohen Hall on the second (although numbered in the 100s) floor. There are displays on Penn's history in general throughout the building, which was probably worth a view. I don't think the inside was covered on the tour, although the building may be locked on weekends.</p>

<p>I've never been on a tour or given one, but I imagine you'd get a pretty decent view of the campus if you took part in one.</p>

<p>Thanks. There's a large chance of me going to Penn so I'll be sure to cover a lot.</p>