Gonzaga EA 2022

@hemingways That is awesome! They must really want you. :slight_smile: Congrats!
I am in Nor Cal.

@hemingways Congrats on all the great news! Your other acceptances have some tough competition. Hope to see your thoughts / impression of campus soon.

Returned home from Christmas travels to find daughter’s acceptance packet in the mail.

Stats. Gpa 3.68
SAT 1150
From California

hmmm - so if my son has not heard anything yet and his portal says nothing about major, just “we look forward to reading your application” is that a bad sign? He submitted his app for engineering regular decision (not ED), so thinking that may have left him out…he has a 3.95 GPA and 1400 SAT.

RD gets mailed by 4/1 per GU website. Definitely not a bad sign that you haven’t heard yet so don’t worry. The notifications you’re seeing here were for EA (at least ours was).

@prdmam My daughter received an email this week from her admission counselor stating RD decisions will go out this week