Gonzaga EA 2022

Starting the Gonzaga Early Action Class of 2022 thread!

When do you think decisions will come out?

Wondering that too. Did see a change in the portal, but am curious when something is mailed.

@ColoSky What change did you see?

The major changed from undeclared to nursing.

Thanks for starting the thread. I know my D is excited to visit this campus. Her portal now shows Nursing. I took a look a few days ago at last year’s thread and I seem to recall those applicants received mailed packets around 12/22 last year. We haven’t received anything yet. My D is a San Diego CA resident who studied a list of direct entry Nursing schools and applied to several on the west coast (3 in CA and UP, Gonzaga, Seattle U) along with some others.

@Banker1 Funny coincidence! Your daughter and I have applied to nearly all the same schools, I’ve seen your posts on many of the other forums as well! Where has she been accepted so far?

Ok, great! These must be fine schools. She did all the research using that list and then googling the images of the campus and looking at number of students, etc. She’s been accepted to Gonzaga if the changing of Undeclared to Nursing is the way it works (sounds like it is). Also to UP, USan Francisco, Azusa Pacific, Xavier, Winona State, Marquette, UT Knoxville, Belmont. Waiting to hear from SDSU, U Cincinnati, Ohio State, Seattle U.

@Banker1 I have also been accepted to UP and USF. Same with the change for Gonzaga, and the wait for SDSU. I’m from CA too.

Odd, checked application portal. Desired major has disappeared. Anyone else?

same here

From my D’s screen grab she sent me her portal shows “Pre-Professional Interest(s): Nursing”. Is that what you mean by Desired major? Or should we look elsewhere?

Just got big envelope in the mail. D accepted to School of Engineering with Trustee Scholarship.

Congratulations! @ksquaredmom

Yes, the section that said “major” yesterday is now gone and instead it says “Pre-Professional Interest(s): Nursing” @Banker1

@ColoSky sounds like a good sign :slight_smile:

Hoping! :slight_smile:

Got mine in the mail!

D received her acceptance packet in the mail today.

Accepted today with Regents scholarship

Son accepted with $20,500 scholarship.