Gonzaga EA 2022

What were everyone’s stats who got into the nursing program?? Still waiting on my packet


@PDX2018grad have you seen the nursing specific discussions as well?
I think I listed my D’s stats and schools she’s applied to at the Class of 2022 Nursing Admissions thread. Many other good discussions too.

Accepted to nursing! :slight_smile:

I just remembered that beforehand I had read on gonzaga’s website that notification of acceptance into the nursing program would be later than acceptance into Gonzaga. However, I got both notifications of acceptances together. Are they changing it this year?

Accepted for engineering a couple days ago with $20,500/year scholarship (already committed to a different school, though).

I am looking for some help to understand something - please let me know if you have any idea what this means – my daughter (32 ACT, 3.8 GPA) got in to SLU, Xavier and Creighton with a $19-22,000/year scholarship at each. She was asked to apply for Honors Program, Deans Fellowship, etc. She did EA only for Gonazga and just got a letter that they want her first semester grades and will move her to regular application. She had another school where she did regular application and they emailed and asked to move her to EA (and they gave her $30K/year). Is Gonzaga that much harder to get into? (She applied for Arts & Sciences.) Any thoughts? Thanks.

@MUWarrior Results vary throughout the selection process. It looks like you have some good choices to consider.

My D has heard nothing but positive feedback from Gonzaga families. She can’t wait for her visit next month.

@MUWarrior If we all got the results that we were expecting from every school then we wouldn’t need to apply to so many schools…right?

Was anyone else awarded the Community Scholar Award?

@hemingways was there a separate application for that one? We got a merit scholarship. I know the amount but not what it was called.

@Banker1 I got the Trustee Scholarship for $20,500/year, and then today another one came separately which I did not fill out an application for. It automatically awarded me with the Community Scholar Scholarship for 20k in total (5k/year).

However, I was invited to apply for the St. Ignatius Leadership Scholarship. It required a nomination, but I did not request one; some students received a nomination from the admissions committee, which I guess happened in my case. Have you heard anything about that? or any of the other scholarships?

@hemingways you must be thrilled with this great news, Congrats! We haven’t been to Gonzaga yet but we’ve been hearing wonderful news from our friends who have students attending there. One such friend emphasized that his daughter declined her offer to UCLA nursing for Gonzaga’s program. They also marveled at Seattle U’s new state of the art Nursing lab but in the end chose Gonzaga for what they felt was a better campus environment and happier students.

I’m sure my D would also like to be able to get excited about Gonzaga and is looking forward to her campus visit in Feb. But the additional merit you describe would go a long way toward making Gonzaga more attractive. I’ve asked her to reach out to her counselor for any additional information. I’ve seen the information on the St Ignatius but I can’t find any information about a Community Scholar program.

@banker1 thank you! I am very happy. I think the community scholar award was just given out through decisions made by the admissions committee, which explains why I cannot find any info on it either. I have not yet visited Gonzaga either, but hopefully if I am a finalist for the Ignatian Leadership award, I’ll be able to take a look around in March. Otherwise, I’ll probably visit during spring break. Let me know how the Gonzaga visit goes! I’d love to hear what another nursing major thinks. :slight_smile:

Hello @hemingways are you a WA resident?

@Banker1 Hello, no, I’m from CA. How come?

@hemingways Congratulations on a great accomplishment! Do you have a ton of community service? Or just really stellar stats?

My daughter and I visited this summer and really loved the school. We thought the tour was very well done. My daughter is on the fence because of the weather, and I worry a bit about the area.

@disney4cam Thank you! I had a lot of community service, leadership positions, and solid stats (4.0+ GPA and decent test scores). I haven’t visited for myself yet, but I plan to this spring. I’m not so worried about the weather, but what are your thoughts on the surrounding area?

@hemingways Good for you! I honestly don’t have a good sense of the area, but from what I have seen/heard, there is a bit of a homeless problem, and the area is a little depressed. Unfortunately, when we visited we just had time for the tour and then we had to head to the airport, so my knowledge is pretty limited. I know I wasn’t overly comfortable walking to dinner downtown the night before, and I don’t think I would want my 17-year-old hanging out around there. I have a friend who lived in Cheney and was pretty surprised about the Spokane area. I don’t know if it’s unsafe, or just less than desirable. Hopefully someone else can chime in with better information, because I would really like to get a fair and truthful description of the surrounding area.

@disney4cam Thank you for all the insight! Are you instate?

I got some good news! Gonzaga just offered to pay for my flight to visit campus in the spring, so I guess I’ll be seeing the university for myself really soon! :slight_smile: