good affordable community college

<p>Hello im an international student moving from lebanon. i've been looking for a community college that is affordable and has a good quality of learning. i've looked into Foothill and De Anza and i liked what i read about them. one thing i didn't like was the cost of living there was high and there isn't much to do since everything closes nearly at 8-9.
Where can i find a good affordable community college that can help me transfer to a good university later on in the states?
And that also allow me to have a good social life. i wouldn't want to live in an expensive area with nothing to do.</p>

<p>forgot to mention that i would like to enter a scientific field like biotehnology or human genetics. Any advice?</p>

<p>Use any of the college-matching search engines to search for an institution that meets these criteria:
Out-of-State Tuition and Fees no more than $X (where $X = what your family can pay - $12,000 for housing, meals, books & transportation)
Biology major</p>

<p>Please as an international student from Ghana, can you give me a list of good schools that can give me full rides based on my SAT 1 and GPA?</p>

<p>@adjeiarmah261: etiquette - you need to start your own thread, writing your question on someone else’s thread is called “hijacking”. :)</p>

<p>OP: look into Valencia or Miami Dad (Fl), or Piedmont Virginia (guaranteed transfer agreements with William&Mary, UVA including engineering, Virginia Tech…)</p>