good neighborhood?

<p>my mom was talking to some guy from maine, who said that colby's area is kind of sketchy
is it really that bad?</p>

<p>the colby campus is a very non-sketchy place to be. I leave my fairly nice (~$500) bike unlocked wherever I go on campus (including weekend nights/mornings), and it's been safe for a year and counting. The thing about Colby is that it's a neighborhood in itself. The equivalent of the next town over in normal campus instances IS waterville, which is a bit sketch, but not completely awful. I would never feel unsafe walking alone at night on campus, maybe a little more so in downtown waterville, but, still, not too unsafe</p>

<p>Colby owns over 700 acres on a hilltop overlooking the town.</p>

<p>Not even close to being sketchy.</p>