Good news for my son

When I first joined College Confidential, it was 2008 and my son was a high school senior. I know I hardly post here at all anymore, but I think this occasion is worth a mention, for those of you who might remember me from olden days.

My son just found out a couple of days ago that he’s been admitted into his first-choice PhD program, the History of Art PhD program at the University of Toronto. Out of 41 non-Canadian applicants, only two were admitted, and one was my son. They also offered him a more generous funding package than he was expecting, so even with the relatively high cost of living in Toronto, the amount should be plenty to rent a small apartment, with something left over.

He’s accepted the offer, so he’s going to be in Canada this fall and for at least the next 5 years or so after that. I’ve never been to Toronto, but it’s only an hour’s flight from NYC. Not so far for me to visit!

It was only a bit more than a year ago, after getting his Master’s degree two years ago, that he finally decided that this is the path that he truly wants to pursue. I know that this is only the first step, but I am immensely happy for him.

Congrats to your son! I’m not at all surprised he decided to go for the PhD, and of course he was going to get into a great program. Enjoy the visits to Toronto!

Congratulations! What cheery news!! I would say…put it on the bragging thread too! We are always looking for cheery news there.

I lived about an hour outside Toronto for a couple of years right after I graduated from college. I think your son will really like it there and I think you will like visiting. There is lots to do!

Congratulations! That’s wonderful news.

Wow, Congrats!!! You should be extremely proud. Toronto is an awesome city. Super clean and easy to get around. People are very friendly and the waterfront area always has something going on. Congrats again!!!

Amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing this terrific news. Nice work!! I was an Art History major for undergrad, but man, gettin a PhD in the history or art is super bad*ss. Love this news!!! I know it’ll be a little while, but let us know where he lands after getting his PhD. All good things ahead!

I remember you very well, from the IRL meeting as well as the message boards. Terrific news. My niece is a junior at the University of Toronto and has been very happy there.

Congrats, @ DonnaL! I just love hearing good news. He must be so excited – and you must be so proud! You’ll both love Toronto. :slight_smile:

Congrats. That’s a great accomplishment. Enjoy Toronto.

Congratulations to him!

Our kids are the same age. Congratulations to your son and his great amazing opportunity

I remember you too, @mathmom!

So good to see you and your good nows DonnaL!

I loved Toronto the times I’ve visited as well. Congrats!

That’s amazing. Your S must be something special, since Canadian universities rarely fund the graduate studies of non Canadians. Good luck to him!!

PS. Has he thought about what career path he’ll choose when he gets his PhD?

Nice to hear the news, @DonnaL! ?

His field is the history of photography, and he hopes to go into academia – recognizing that tenure track positions aren’t easy to find, and that the situation probably won’t be any better five years from now – but being a museum curator is also open to him. (He’s worked at MOMA, ICP, and the museum at Princeton over the years.) Of course, it helps to get your PhD with a well-respected department like this one.


Wonderful news, Donna! Happy to see you posting. How is your job going?