Good t20 schools for neuroscience? biology?

What are some good t20 schools for undergrad neuroscience majors? Biology majors?

I would say there are approximately 20.

Amherst, Pomona.


You need to be very careful that you match what T20 colleges look for in admits. You need depth and breadth in ECs and more. Even if you state an English major, they want more than just writing related ECs.

If you state bio or neuro as a major or premed intentions (a question on the Common App,) they’ll look for the math and science strengths and ECs. In one post, you mention lower scores than some of the more selective schools typically like. Please try to make a balanced list of targets.

The NRC ranks graduate programs in neuroscience/neurobiology.
Their “R-rank high” or “S-rank high” assessments may be about as good as any other available department rankings for academic quality. Hard to say.

Top rated (NRC neuro) departments at T20 (USNWR) colleges? These include Harvard, JHU, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, and WUSTL. But this assessment would overlook strong LACs, and may direct you to schools where your admission chances are very low. Less selective universities that show up in the NRC T30 (for “R-rank high”) include Brandeis, UPittsburgh, Boston U, Case Western, URochester, and Wake Forest.