Good Voice teacher for a Classically Trained Mezzo Soprano at OCU?

Hi! I was accepted into the BFA in acting program at Oklahoma City University. However, I am a classically trained mezzo soprano, and I want to continue studying that while I’m in college (I might try and switch to the MT/VP double major after one year). I know that acting majors can take voice lessons. I just want to know, who is the best voice teacher at OCU for a mezzo soprano? I would love to email them and try to have a lesson with them. I’m thinking Catherine McDaniel (since she’s a mezzo soprano). Thoughts anyone?

I would check with the BFA Acting program to see what teachers will be available to Acting Majors. Dr. McDaniel is a fabulous mezzo soprano herself, and I’m sure you would enjoy working with her. But it’s possible her studio may be full of VPs and MTs who are assigned to studios first since they are music majors. Availability differs for each teacher each year depending on how many people in their studio graduated or left for some other reason. So some years, Dr. McDaniel may be able to take on 7 new students and other years she may only have space for 2. There are many wonderful teachers at OCU so I think its best not to get your heart set on one particular teacher. MTs find out in the summer to which studio they’ve been assigned. They do not get a say as to which teacher they are assigned. Those assignments are based on their auditions and consultation with all of the voice faculty as to which studio they will best fit. D and her friends all love their teachers so they seem to match them up quite well. I do not know how Acting majors are assigned to voice teachers since not all participated in a vocal audition, but that would be a great question for the Theatre School. And whatever the answer, I would be open to their recommendations. They do a great job of finding just the right teacher for you. Best of luck to you. OCU is a great place to go to school!

Great, thank you so much! I emailed both Ms.Grimaldi and Ms.McDaniel (I’e heard great things about both of them). I am going to try to get a skype lesson. Thank you for your help!