Google CSSI 2020

Could you also dm me the link pls??

Yes @UCLATROJANS @coolio2 @Doodoo27 @SpiritedCoder

Also, just fyi - the discord is much more active than the groupme/slack so I would also recommend joining the discord (I think the link is floating around on reddit).

For anyone else who was admitted and wants to join the groupme:


The starred part is group me . com (minus the spaces). CC won’t let me post the actual words

@archimedes17 Hey I can’t find the discord on reddit or the slack with my acceptance email. Can you pls share those too?
Thanks so much

It seems I can’t share the link here, but I DM’d you. https://discord . gg/hrRYDC (minus the spaces lol)

The discord link expired

Has anyone got any emails from cssi since the student waiver and contract email?

Nope, that was it. I think they’re letting people off the waitlist now so there may just be some waiting for the rest of us

Does anyone know more about the Coursera program? Has anyone actually signed up for it? Is it something that is worth taking?

@CollegeApplica, are you going to take the program?

If you didn’t get into Google CSSI, I would highly recommend doing CSSI-Coursera! It seems like it’s very similar to CSSI and just has an additional requirement to get access to Google career services. It sounds like an excellent learning opportunity, especially if you’re more of a beginner.

@archimedes17, have you taken any of the classes in Coursera or do you know anyone who have? I would really like to know more about it.

@archimedes17 could you send the discord link again

Hi! No, I’m sorry. I have not taken any CSSI-related courses in Coursera however I have taken other courses through the platform and have found them to be excellent. I believe there are reviews for courses that you can find online if you want to learn more about it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. @lfrs11

@mus1975 Hi! Yes, of course. It expires in 1 day. https://discord. gg/Sw6SYz

@archimedes17, thank you for your reply. I appreciate your inputs. I’ll make sure to check out the reviews on the Coursera courses as well.

Has anyone gotten their schedule yet? Or the google swag :wink:

Hi guys,
I’m looking into this program as a possibility for the summer. Can anyone recall the 2020 acceptance rate?

@TheRose21 Google unfortunately does not release acceptance rate statistics however it is a very competitive program :slight_smile:

That said, there were around 500 students in the CSSI program and another couple hundred in the CSSI-Extension program.

There was also a CSSI-Coursera course but I’m not sure how many were admitted to that.

If you’re a current high school senior, you should definitely apply for next summer!

Did any of the Google CSSI 2020 Participant got the invitation for Google Step intern 2021?
Has anybody hear from google after submitting your application? My daughter submitted the application a month ago, I just wondering when will hear from them?

did u take any previous computer classes at ur school; i am taking ap computer science principles and i was wondering if it would hinder my chances