Google CSSI 2020

How long did everyone spend on the entirety of this application? About ~1-3 hours? I’m worried I’m not dedicating enough time to this competitive program.

The website says that this program is only for those who are in their Senior Year and applying for US Colleges. But Can High school Sophomore year or freshmen can apply?

nopee, you have to graduate to get in, so u apply while in senior year

Does anyone know when this year’s CSSI’s Online Challenge opens

I just got waitlisted. Anyone know how likely I am going to get accepted or is it just likely going to be rejection?

Same here. Anyone have any stats from last year? Hopefully they let more people off because it’s virtual.

Are you international? Not sure if that was relavent just see that being discussed previously in the thread

Why do I not have any email yet??? Does this basically mean I was rejected?

just got the official rejection email :cry:

Son was initially waitlisted, then got accepted today!

Is the Google Challenge the same as the assessment they’ll use to place us one of the two tracks? It sounded different. If it isn’t should we have heard about the challenge already?

I think the process is entirely different this year.
According to the acceptance email, the technical assessment (to be sent by first week of May) will be used to determine which curriculum the student will be placed.

Do you happen to know what your son had used in his application? Like his experience or whatnot? I also got waitlisted and just want to see if I have a chance.