Got Into My Dream School But Didn't Go Because of COVID- anyone else out there?

I somehow got lucky last year and was admitted to a lot of schools I was really excited about, including the school that had been my dream school (T20) all of high school. Right after I decided to commit, COVID got bad and my parents didn’t allow me to enroll at my dream school because it was far away and located in a city doing poorly with the virus. Now I’m at a much lower ranked school closer to home and I’m wondering if COVID put anyone else in my situation, because honestly I thought I’d get over it but I’ve been dealing with really bad depression caused by the knowledge that I was so close to my dream, and that it was an option, but this pandemic took it away. If anyone relates to this I’d appreciate just knowing about it or talking; I haven’t met anyone in this situation and its been really difficult going through it alone.

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