Got Into Uw Honors.... Booyah!

<p>Hell ya!!! I'm the only person in my school who got accepted into UW honors. There's a guy who got accepted into Cornell, but not UW Honors. Its statistaclly known that getting into UW Honors is more difficult than getting into most top colleges because of the massive amount of people who want to get admitted into the UW and the UW Honors Program, and because it is reserved for what they call "elite" students. What was it this year, like 5000 applied and 300 accepted into Honors... not sure. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!! I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)</p>

<p>congrats on self praise</p>

<p>let him rejoice, this is possibly the most exciting times in a kid's life. Finally having the freedom of college along with freedom of liberties.</p>

<p>Congrats kid.</p>

<p>Congratulations. You should feel proud of yourself.</p>

<p>yeah, you got yourself an access to the mary gates honor student lounge congrats :)</p>

<p>don't let the Acads bother you!</p>

<p>(you'll know about this when you go)</p>

<p>UW=Wisconsin? Washington?</p>

<p>Congrats to you, Bassmaster. My D did not get in. I understand that the housing for honors is very nice, from a colleague/parent whose son is in UW Honors also.</p>

<p>But too bad you'll only see the sun for 2 months tops</p>

<p>which UW? it's driving me crazy.</p>

<p>LOL! Which UW?</p>

<p>Must be U dubya - named in honor of our current president - where else would you need to be dumb as a brick to get into honors!</p>

<p>University of Washington, LOL</p>

<p>Dumb as a brick to get into honors? Lol, my school's ivy league accepteteers(lol, not a word, but you know what i mean) didn't have the "stuff" to get into UW Honors. Yeah, i'm pretty freakin happy :) :) :)</p>

<p>congrats! im probably applying there next year. go huskies!</p>