We toured today and my daughter loved it. Learned from an admission counselor that the highest merit aid award last year was $26,000 and likely to be the same this year as well.

Any idea if that would be on top of a sports scholarship that is 5 figures? Or do they not “piggyback” the two together. A friend’s child got a letter with sports money and she was wondering if merit could be added onto that.

@Momtofourkids Goucher is D3 and therefore cannot offer athletic money. For what sport did your friend’s child supposedly receive a sports scholarship?

will pm

We were given same information on our tour. Bummer because they used to give more and that may be a deal breaker for us.

My daughter got her admission offer today with $30K scholarship. Website says they give a max of 30K in merit aid. Also, the need-based aid was more generous than most. The bottom line was very affordable. Waiting on an ED decision, but if she’s not accepted, Goucher could be a contender.

My S also admitted this evening with the same scholarship—he wasn’t expecting to hear from Goucher until Feb as he applied EA and today was the ED notification date.