Gov wants to limit using tuition for fin aid

<p>Virginia</a> governor seeks to cap use of tuition revenue for financial aid | Inside Higher Ed</p>

<p>But AccessUVA is funded by alumni dollars. In fact, the state only provides 10-15% of UVA's budget, IIRC.</p>

<p>TUITION DOLLARS. Not state funds. Not all fin aid is funded by Alumni $$$. Money at UVa is very fungible.</p>

<p>AccessUVa</a> faces ?additional burden? | The Cavalier Daily</p>

<p>There is always a balance between funding access to college, and people resenting having to fund others' access to college. If the middle class is beginning to feel stingy about helping those who need help, then they shouldn't complain when they slip into the lower class and then don't get as much help as imagined. Education is one of the most effective ways to promote social mobility, which is exactly the opposite of what this bill is proposing (keeping more money and thus less mobility in the middle and upper classes).</p>

<p>First, a deal was made a few years ago in which the universities would accept declining support from the state government in return for the state allowing the public universities more independence, such as in setting their own financial policies. Now, the state is trying to micro-manage the universities' policy decisions in violation of the spirit of that deal.</p>

<p>Second, if any tuition dollars are being used to subsidize UVa's financial aid, it is the tuition paid by full pay out of state and international students. This article only talks about limiting use of in-state tuition dollars. That is a non-issue at UVa because the cost of educating a student is much higher than the in-state tuition rate, but lower than the out of state rate.</p>

<p>That's what governments do when they give you any money. Remember that.</p>