GPA Internationals please help!!!!!!

<p>Do any of the internationals know what a 95% average is in GPA? How much % is a 3.7 GPA?

<p>According to wikipedia, an A is 4.0. So 95% would be 4.0?</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> go here and check your country it will adjust your countries grade system with the US</p>

<p>In most european colleges, any grade above 80% is equivalent to an A in the US.</p>

<p>There's so much grade inflation in America.</p>

<p>yes exactly what maxcanada said. I know at my private hs in Canada, an average above 80% is considered to be a US gpa of 4.0 and that is what she puts on my app's as my gpa.</p>

<p>I was told at the NYU discussion board that in 100 point scale any average of 90 or above is "often very competitive". But I read somewhere else that to convert % to GPA you substract 55 and divide the result by 10. So a 90 would be a 3.5 which I don't think is very competitive, what do you guys think? I have a 92 right now which would be a 3.7 but I want to raise it to a 94 or 95 to make it a 3.9 o 4.0. Any opinions?
Here's the GPA chart I found:
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<p>I don't think this could be true. I mean, there really is a big difference between a GPA of 3,5 and 3,8, but not so much between a GPA of 90 and 93.
At least not where I come from. Both those GPA's are incredibly high and very competitive.</p>

<p>carolina : a 95% average would be a 3.8 GPA. a3.7 GPA would be a 92.5% average.</p>

<p>Each .1 equals about 2.5 % point on a 100% scale.</p>

<p>100% = 4.0
97.5% = 3.9
95% = 3.8
92.5% = 3.7
90% = 3.5</p>

<p>Those would be "competitive", obviously thje higher it is the better, but a 90 is the least you can have and still be "competitive". If you have any questions you can ask me, i'm familiar with this system since I'm from mexico i know them both.</p>