GPA/Rankings at Phillips Andover

<p>Can someone who is attending Phillips Andover or knowledgeable about, can answer this post please?</p>

<p>My son is planning to join the school as upper. We are still looking at the course listing.
- How is Ranking/GPA calculated at Phillips Andover? I understand it is not his only/primary
goal, but I assume a decent GPA should look good for college admissions.
Is there a ranking system at Andover?
- For a student interested in pursuing a career in Science/Math/Engg, what courses would
be better for an upper. Are there any specific courses that you would definitely recommend
based on the instructors, etc. And are there any specific ones one would recommend not to
take. My son has already taken AP level courses in his current level.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Andover does not rank their students, and they are graded on a 0-6 scale, 6 being the highest.</p>

<p>6 – Outstanding (High Honor)
5 – Superior (Honor)
4 – Good
3 – Satisfactory
2 – Low Pass, but certifying
1 – Failure
0 – Low Failure</p>

<p>There are different classes for all the subjects at Andover that go beyond the AP program. For math, there is vector calculus, linear algebra, and seminars for highly advanced students. There are more in-depth studies in science and
English. Honestly, check with your son to see what he wants to go into (varying from science for example from physics to biology or chemistry).</p>

<p>I echo everything that AlexMac has said above, and would add that you needn't worry about getting course requests exactly right. I was a new Upper at Andover and was in a similar situation, but when you and your son arrive you will be inundated in a variety of different meetings, several of which will be with your sons academic advisor. During your son's first meeting with his advisor, he will be presented with his tentative schedule and there have the opportunity to attempt to correct any courses that shouldn't be on the schedule. For example, I had somehow managed to place into French 600 upon entry, but used that first meeting to drop down into French 520. What I'm trying to say is that your sons course requests are by no means fixed. In fact, he will be able to switch courses until the midterm of fall term.</p>

<p>If your son is into science, though, I'd definitely recommend a few courses. In general, Uppers never make the cut for these courses as they are some of the highest demand courses at the school and have some of the highest prerequisites of any courses on campus, but if your son can't take them this year, maybe he will next year.</p>

<p>-Fluid Mechanics (Physics 630) is for extremely gifted students who have already completed both Math 580-590 (BC Calculus) and Physics 550 (calculus-based physics).</p>

<p>-Organic Chemistry (Chemistry 610) is commonly compared to a second-year college course for chemistry majors. The prerequisites are Math 580 and Chemistry 550 or 580, both AP chemistry courses.</p>

<p>-Human Pathophysiology (Biology 620) is an extremely selective medicine elective that is only open to seniors. The prerequisite is AP bio, so either Biology 540 or 560/570/580.</p>