Great BA programs with dounble major?

I want a school which allows me and encourages me to double major. I want a school where I can audition for theatre, go to that school and double.
I want a BA program. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>I posted some of this information on another thread for someone who is looking for similar information, but will post it here too... adding a few schools to the BA list -- :)</p>

<p>BA - American U., University of MD, Muhlenberg, SUNY New Paltz, James Madison U., Northwestern (not sure how easy it is to double major), UCLA (structured more like a BFA. not sure how easy it is to double major), Indiana University, Boston College, USC, UVA.</p>

<p>I really want a BA, I know it will be hard but I want to double.
Any suggestions?</p>

<p>All of the programs I posted above ARE BA programs.</p>

<p>Do you mean you really want a BFA program? I am confused :).</p>

<p>It's easy to double major at Northwestern. All theater majors are required to take at least 18 courses outside the communications school (i.e. theater) anyway.</p>

<p>I want BA. None of those colleges have amazing theatre though :[</p>

<p>Is College Park a good school?
So many kids from my state (MD) go there.
It seems mediocre at times</p>

<p>mrtv - "I want BA. None of those colleges have amazing theatre though :[ "</p>

<p>Wow, there are so many people who would disagree with that statement. You're allowed that opinion but upon what facts is it based?</p>

<p>A plug for Fordham Lincoln Center. Audition BA. My S will be doubling with either Playwriting or English and starts in the Fall.</p>

<p>Will her classes be in nyc or bronx?</p>

<p>^^Fordham has two campuses, one in Manhattan in Lincoln Center and one larger, traditional campus at Rose Hill in the Bronx. The theatre department is at Lincoln Center so his classes and dorm will be at that campus but there is transportation, the Ram Van, that does go back and forth between campuses. You can participate in activities and take classes at either campus but theatre is only offered at LC.</p>

<p>Prospective</a> Students | Fordham University Theatre Program</p>

<p>Adding that they will probably update the open house and audition dates on the website over the summer. Also, scheduling for auditions opened up Sept 1st and it was not necessary to have already submitted an application by then. They also have summer visits and tours but the presentation for theatre is larger at the fall open house. Still, we visited in the summer at first before Junior year and then kept going back for all of their events because of my S's interest in the program.</p>

<p>What about the political science department? Where would that be?</p>

<p>mrtv247, I would urge you to spend some time looking at the websites of schools that interest you. Much of the information you are seeking is there.</p>

<p>Political</a> Science</p>

<p>What are you looking for in terms of "amazing theatre?" All of the BA schools listed have VERY strong BA Theatre programs. And many have VERY strong political science as well. If you think that none of the schools listed have "amazing theatre," you probably need to spend more time researching the schools (Northwestern, UCLA, etc..), or more clearly define your criteria for "amazing theatre." </p>

<p>If you are talking about name recognition for the general public -- Julliard, Yale (grad), CMU,etc... -- you may find it difficult to find a BA school that has that kind of name recognition for Theatre... </p>

<p>I believe UMD to be a good school. I think we often are inclined to overlook and underestimate our in-state options. </p>

<p>You may want to look at Temple as well as Fordham (as was suggested above). </p>

<p>It will also help you to determine why you want to double major. Some students double major because they have equally strong interests in two different areas and are not ready to focus on one or the other in college. Others (in the arts particularly) may choose to double major because they want to make sure they have a "back-up" plan. Others may see a double major as a way to combine diverse interests into a possible career path (ex. business and theatre double major = career as a producer/ in arts administration/ as an agent, etc ... or political science and theatre double major = career in entertainment law (after law school, or course:))</p>

<p>Clarifying your current post graduation goals (allowing that those very well may change as you move through college) may help you to come up with a more specific criteria for evaluating schools. You may well have already done this, and simply not posted it here... but, if not, it may be helpful to you. </p>

<p>Good luck to you.</p>