Greek life

I made my list of schools i am considering applying to however since I won’t be able to visit the majority of the schools, I was wondering to get thoughts about campus life. I am not interested in being a part of greek life, so I am wondering how big greek life is at the following universities and if it dominates the social scene. I want to major in HRM or Hospitality so any suggestions of schools that do not heavily revolve around greek life will be great!

-University of New hampshire
-Virginia tech
-University of Delaware
-University of maryland
-Michigan State
-Iowa State

Can only speak to UMass ('86 grad). Greek life was a non factor when I attended. There were certainly people in Greek life, but it was just another thing for those who wanted it. If memory serves they had their own league in intramural sports but that was about it. Knew a few kids in frats but they lived in the dorms or apartments, not in the frat houses. Didn’t seem to be a big part of the overall culture like it is at other schools. Have many friends who have kids who attend. None of them are in Greek life.

That said, for those that want to participate, it’s certainly an option.

My D has been at Purdue for three years and my impression is that Greek life is fairly typical. About 20% of students belong to an FSCL organization that includes fraternities, sororities and cooperative living arrangements. Houses are visible around campus but they are a minor part of a big campus.

It’s there, and those who are interested can participate, but it’s far from dominating anything on campus.

I had a similar impression of Virginia Tech, but that was only based on a few campus visits.

I know a few people who go to Iowa State and it seems as though greek life is somewhat big there, but I could be wrong.

I know some at Iowa State and it is big but the people I know weren’t in it and didn’t feel it dominated the campus. Like mentioned for Purdue it is there but you can take or leave it and there are plenty of other things to do and get involved with.