Guess my merit aid?

My family won’t qualify for any need based aid but hoping to get a solid merit aid offer from Duquesne.
WGPA: 3.8 SAT 1330
Also attended a top 500 high school with a great reputation with PA colleges.
Also took 5 AP’s and 14 Honors classes
Thanks for any input

How much merit do you need to make it work?

Without taking on any debt roughly 15k total aid. I know they give you 3k for living on campus but is that included in their merit or is that a separate award

So essentially you need more or less 1/2 tuition?

@ClarinetDad16 yeah i saw that their average merit award was $12,100 but I don’t know if I would get more than that because my scores are better than their average or if I did I don’t know how much more

The minimum merit was $10 k in 2014 when my D applied. I think one of her friends had similar stats to you and got $15 k.

The best way to find out is to apply, do they still have free online application?

@mommdc yeah I’m definitely applying

Did you end up hearing back, and do you mind me asking how much of a scholarship you received? Thanks! :slight_smile: @ryanPA