[Guide] Trinity Tower Scholars

On February 8th, 2020, approximately 300 people showed up to the tower scholar’s day at Trinity University, where they competed for 22 Full tuition scholarships, which will be announced on the 21st of February.

That’s 1 in 14 people. So how can you maximize your chances of getting that full-tuition scholarship?

So the first thing is to pick your classes, obviously. But I’m assuming you have already picked your classes. The most important thing is to pick classes that you can write about, because every class has a scholarly response.

Now, what is a scholarly response? That depends on the class.
Most Classes had essays, but many broke off from the norm.
Here’s a list of some of the past classes and their tasks.

Bots, Sockpuppets, and Computational Propaganda (about the use of fake accounts in news): Analyzed sets of political memes and their use of propaganda techniques in order to convey their point, as well as created our own propaganda against disinformation.

The Bible Class: Wrote an essay about how this impacts todays world

Turn up the Bass: Music and Physics??: Completed a worksheet about various things

What is a species?: Wrote an essay about whether or not they believed that cancer should be considered it’s own species.

So As you can see, I didn’t get every class, but there were quite a few of them that did not have an essay but instead used their own format of testing. I’d definitely research your topic before you get there, even if they say not to.

Anyone have any other classes??

As someone who went through the program 5 years ago and has discussed with many other students who participated in and either did or did not get the scholarship, those who did get the scholarship don’t claim to have done particularly exceptionally at the Tower Scholars day. Based on these discussions I doubt that there is really anything you can do to control your outcome other than doing your best and going in with the expectation that you most likely won’t get the scholarship.