Guys- How many girls did you guys have so far?

<p>How many?
How long was the relationship?</p>

<p>You might want to specify what "have" means...</p>

<p>I think you can specify that yourself.</p>

I think you can specify that yourself.



<p>maybe you meant to post this in college life?
zero and zero</p>



<p>hahahaha lol i dont get the question/</p>

<p>it's useless to know why anyway.....</p>

1st one 22 months, 2nd one 4 months</p>

<p>3ish- kinda shortish</p>

<p>I meant a genuine relationship.</p>

<p>Zero. Also, genuine relations in high school are one in a million. "Relationships" during the high school years tend to degrade into a "friends with benefits" thing.</p>

<p>That is too bad.</p>

<p>^ Agree!!!</p>

<p>I find numerous relationships bad for a person. It shows that your relationships have "failed" numerous times.</p>

<p>And other people tend to just wave it off after a couple months.</p>

<p>^ A true relationship can only benefit the couple.</p>