GW and Essay

GW is looking for an essay about what to change in the world. My son wants to write it on cancel culture. Is this a good idea? They are afraid that it will hurt their chances if they disagree with him. In effect, he will be canceled.

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Don’t think that would be a problem at GW. At American perhaps, but GW has folks from both sides of the aisle I thought. Wasn’t a prof from GW Law one of Trump’s main defense lawyers in the impeachment?

I think its not a great idea, not because of which side of the aisle, but because GW is school for all those Social justice warriors, but first let me ask what he potential major will be. The response will differ from lets say STEM, to IR, to poly sci, to others.

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this is by one of their own:
Cancel Culture – Storied Spaces (

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This is just my thoughts and my thoughts only. I think in general what GW is looking for is how will you take what you learn to make changes in the world. If he wants to address cancel culture, how will this better the world and why is GW the place for him to do this.

Thank you, I think he has done that. Appreciate the help