Hair braiding

<p>Hey does anyone know how to french braid? If you do can you explain it, but NOT SO CONFUSING cuz all the websites i've been to made it look sooooo hard!
lol thanks</p>

<p>and if you know some good websites that will make me understand how to french braid better, please to post the link...</p>

<p>Thanks a lot!
(this applies for you too boys!) lol jk jk</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>It has directions on every kind of braid imaginable. French braiding is hard to do on yourself without being sloppy, I still can't do it, even after growing out my hair to my butt.</p>

<p>Long hair gets in the way! I could never French braid my hair when it was long, but as soon as I chopped it off I was able to learn, and now I am fairly good at French braiding my own hair, even as it's getting to be halfway down my back in length. </p>

<p>"Instructions" make it look impossible, to me. I say, just braid as usual--except don't start with all of the hair, just a lock near what will be the front of the braid (at your forehead). Then every time you go to cross a strand over, pick up a bit of loose hair next to it to add to the strand.</p>

<p>All right, I'll try to explain.</p>

<li>Take a small lock of hair at the top of your head (or wherever you want the braid to start).</li>
<li>Separate into 3 sections.</li>
<li>Braid regularly for 2 pieces.</li>
<li>With the 3rd one braid as usual but also take another pice of hair with it from below.</li>
<li>Repeat until you run out of hair.</li>

<p>Now that I read it, my directions don't look very good. Oh well :p</p>