Halloween 2022 - Feel Free to Post Pictures of Fall/Halloween Decor

@608Mom that sounds like fun!

We typically hand out full size bars, but tend to not have that many trick or treaters because our street is less dense than some others’ nearby.

But, in my efforts to declutter, this year I will also be giving away beanie babies. Hoping the word spreads and I can get rid of them!!


We gave out the big candy (candied?) apples with a stick in the apple, like you would get at a fair. The person that made them did not do caramel apples, so this is what we had! I haven’t had one in many many years, but they bring back fond memories.


Halloween is more than a month away! I first thought it was already October and my weakening mind is losing it. I used to put up a huge spider web and bags of goodies. I am still looking for a big spider to put on the web. The tiny spider I have is not cutting it.


Did you construct the web yourselves or purchase it? It’s simply amazing!!! Love this creativity.

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I bought it at a flea market. It is a big one, 10’.


Put a basket out with the beanies in it, and a bit that says…Help Yourself. They will disappear!

We live on a very small street…14 houses. We have zero kids who trick or treat now. But when they did, we put together goodie bags for each kid with candy, Halloween pencils and erasers, sometimes a toy or small card game. We actually tagged the bags because we knew who couldn’t have nuts and who didn’t like chocolate, etc. So they were very custom made. We always had a few extras in case someone brought a friend.

We have not had one trick or treat kid in maybe 6 or 7 years.


Lol such a timely post - H and I were in the attic today and found THREE big plastic containers of beanie babies!

That is so sad, no trick or treaters for so long! No one has moved in or come from other streets??


It’s only 14 houses. A couple have sold while we lived here…but no younger children.

The first 18 years we lived here we did have the neighborhood kids. Now…the youngest is 16.

In case you don’t find homes for all your beanie babies:

We donated our huge collection of beanie babies to our local fire department bc they, along with the police, use them to give to children for comfort during stressful experiences when police/paramedics etc are needed.


Thx, I will donate the leftover beanie babies!


I’m not a fan of Halloween. I think I’m scarred from having high schoolers and living in a college town with a big Halloween tradition. My neighbor said nothing good happens on Halloween. My now grown kids love Halloween.

We live rural and have never had a trick or treated in 35 years.


My last dog won a costume contest at a Yappy Hour a few years ago. Tito’s used to sponsor so I figured it was a good costume.