Halloween 2022 - Feel Free to Post Pictures of Fall/Halloween Decor

Halloween was mentioned on the Christmas gift thread but it really deserves a thread on it’s own so here goes…lets discuss Halloween.

So do you like/dislike this holiday?
Do you give out candy/decorate?
Do you/your kids host/attend parties?


Since 2020, we have had a neighborhood house crawl which is so much fun.

I have a few costumes, and look forward to dressing up. And I already got my one bag of candy corn and one jar of salted dry roasted peanuts to mix together. Try it! It’s a great blend of sweet and salty.

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Our old neighborhood was great because we lived at the end of a cul de sac and the adults would do a little party and hand out candy from the middle of the street. It was great seeing all the kids in their costumes and getting to catch up with friends.

Where we live now, we get hundreds and hundred of kids, most not from the neighborhood because we are on one of the few streets in the area that doesn’t have much traffic so it’s safe for littles. Pre covid, we would go through a ton of candy. During covid one of the neighbors started doing a pre-Halloween party in their back yard so we made up bags of candy for all the kids and then didn’t worry about handing out on actual Halloween.

This year, I’d like to go back to handing out candy and weather permitting, H and I will sit on the front porch and hand out from there. We both have costumes that we dust off each year too. Mine is an alien and H is a grim reaper type outfit.


I’m sure Halloween will be back to pre-Covid scale here. Sadly, no trick-or-treating here in my neck of the woods. Larger lots and a steep hill plus a dead end street = fewer pieces of candy per unit of length walked. The kiddos all go to higher density ‘hoods to fill their pillowcases. :slight_smile:

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Love Halloween. The “pumpkin/trick or treat”aspect NOT the scary aspect.

I’ll def be passing candy. But won’t buy it for awhile!

I will do more fall decorating as opposed to Halloween. Pumpkins included though!


@FallGirl , keeping true to your name with this thread……would you mind if this thread was also used for people to post pictures of outside fall/Halloween decor they see while out and about? You know what I mean…. :wink:

I think it’s fun to see different stuff from different places……small displays to big displays!

But if you prefer a separate thread, I’ll start it…


@abasket - I think that’s a great idea!

Just updated the title of the thread

True to my screen name I LOVE fall decor - can’t get enough of mums and pumpkins!

I love Trick or Treat! As a kid it was my favorite holiday next to Christmas because 1. I got to dress up 2. I got to be out with my friends after dark and 3. Candy! What was not to like?

When my kids were young (and I was a SAHM) I decorated my yard with “scary stuff”. Following the lead of a neighbor, I put the decorations up late afternoon on October 31st and took then down early the next morning. Kind of to keep the mystery…

Even after I stopped decorating (other than mums and pumpkins) we were the house that handed out the full size candy bars. The kids enjoyed that. And I enjoyed the kids enjoying that.

This is the first year in the new house so I have no idea what to expect in terms of numbers. We have already bought the full size candy.


Credit goes to The New Yorker.


Northwestern’s campus today.


Are you in here??


I could eat my weight in that mixture.

When we lived in our first house, we were somewhere in between “Trusty Provider” and. “Legend.” All because I do not consider anything that does not have a good percentage of chocolate :chocolate_bar: a :candy:!!


Clearly I am a “legend” :joy:


Me too! Though if it were just up to me, I would probably be somewhere between Old Timer and Trusty Provider. Seriously when I used to eat candy I loved Werthers (and I’m Gen-X so can’t blame age).

But my generous/wastrel(?) LEGENDARY husband would never ‘betray the children’. It is Full Size Bars 4eva for him! :rofl:


We are a Legend too. I remember what my kids hated- apples, religious tracts, odd candies that no one knew, tooth brushes, and the like.


After years of volunteering at school fundraisers, H and I are pretty good at making cotton candy. Now we rent a cotton candy maker and make it fresh in our garage during trick-or-treating. We bag it up for the kids, but lots of parents ask if they can have it on the paper cones like when we were kids. Everyone loves it. Added bonus - the neighborhood smells fantastic!!


Can we rent you and your machine to revitalize Halloween in our neighborhood? :blush: What you do is terrific! :+1::+1:


When I was a child, my dad owned a gourmet grocery store and deli. Among the homemade items he sold, were candy apples. For Halloween for several years, that is what we gave out; it was a hit for most of the kids. Of course this was during the 60’s where kids actually went into people’s home, and could get home made treats, from hot chocolate, brownies, popcorn, etc… Oh, those were the days!


Candy apples vs caramel apples?

When I was a kid the neighbor across the street always made popcorn balls.

I always pass out candy - chocolate but not full sized bars. I also always get some alternative treAts and mix them all in a big basket and let kids choose what they want - things like goldfish packets, mini cookie packets, fruit snacks - but the most popular item - even more than candy - are individual packs of Swiss Miss hot chocolate.

Thanks to Costco for bulk items! On a regular non-Covid year we can get up to 200 kids

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