Hamilton College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for the Hamilton College is November 15.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

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Hello. Son’s unweighted GPA is 4.0. SAT score of 1520. Playing jazz drums and creative writing are extracurriculars. He is very seriously considering applying ED to Hamilton but is also considering Amherst.

If your son would like to consider Hamilton in terms of its creative writing program, this site may be of interest:

Thanks - Hamilton’s creative writing program is precisely how the school got on my son’s radar. That is what he intends to major in and wants to participate in music ensembles (both formal and informal) as weel.

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So, my son submitted his ED application. Admission decisions are being released on December 15th.


Good luck to your son. Hamilton is a great school so I hope he is accepted.

Obviously there are pros and cons to applying ED, but in my opinion if you know Hamilton is the school for you then applying ED is the way to go. Getting accepted from the regular decision pool is very difficult.

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Good luck to your son! My son applied to Hamilton also already but for regular decision (so he’s going to have a long wait). He considered applying ED there but we decided to have him wait and compare financial packages.

Thank you!

Thank you and good luck to your son as well!

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Here’s my profile:
A-level grades: A*, A, a, B, B
ECs: Software Internships, 2 Research Papers, Tutoring, Volunteer Teacher at a Remote School
Awards: Won 1 Hackathon (National), 1 Debate Competition (State), School Science Fairs, etc.
SAT: I’m going test optional as my SAT is scheduled for Dec 3 (I’m expecting to get around 1500 in that one).

Do I even stand a chance?

hi! I’m a current first-year at Hamilton and I’m happy to answer any questions about my application/Hamilton : )

Thank you! How has your experience been there? what do you like? not like?

Hi inflorescent, my D17 applied ED1. She loves writing and is looking to join the creative writing program at Hamilton.

She answered the supplemental essay (why she would thrive) but she did it in a email to an admissions person that contacted her after the interview.

Do you think she needs to submit another supplemental (on a different reason she would thrive) or do you think she is fine.

I am old schools and often think more is better. My D reminded me that Hamilton values genuineness and not submitting stuff just to submit stuff.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I don’t havr an answer but may I ask for a few morw details about the contact made by interviewer?

In that the prompt represents one question, it should have one response. Nonetheless, your daughter should be sure that her response will be submitted as a proper application supplement.

sorry for not seeing this earlier! i’ve loved hamilton so far. personally, the workload has felt manageable (though i was also accustomed to a hard workload because my high school was academically competitive), though some friends have been struggling to adjust. that said, professors are very open and accommodating. they always have office hours, they’re understanding about granting extensions, and are generally approachable.

it’s definitely a small community. obviously, i still don’t know most freshmen, but you will really see the same people every day, so it’s easy to start spontaneous connection. i like how quiet campus is because it’s large for such a small student population, but it can feel a bit empty, especially on weekends when upperclassmen go elsewhere to have fun.

that leads to my main complaint, which is that hamilton is truly isolated. there are lots of free opportunities, especially for freshmen, to get off campus for group activities like bowling, apple picking, movies, etc. but it takes a lot of planning to get anywhere by yourself, as barely anything is within walking distance, and student transportation is limited. also, the dining hall food is just fine. i’m vegetarian, so there are still plenty of options for dietary restrictions, but the food is usually on the bland side, and there’s only one dining hall open on weekends, so it does get limited and crowded.

let me know if you have any more questions! i’d be happy to answer more specific questions via private messaging

yay, another creative writer! i actually applied with creative writing as the main “hook” of my application, and i’m planning for creative writing to be one of my majors, so i’m happy to hear that she’s interested in Hamilton’s program.

i don’t think she needs to submit another supplemental. interviews alone already communicate an applicant’s passion for the school, and if she already sent a supplemental (especially through such direct means), she should be more than fine. and i can confirm that Hamilton’s philosophy especially values being genuine and down-to-earth

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Thank you! Yes, the isolation is a concern…seems like the only drawback. where do upper classmen go on weekends? Really appreciate the feedback.


a lot of upperclassmen go to syracuse for the weekend, and i’ve seen a decent amount make the trek to NYC for the weekend. at night, upperclassmen also go to a few local off-campus parties and restaurants. plus, a lot of sports teams have to travel over the weekend, and athletes comprise a significant portion of the student population, which can contribute to the feeling of emptiness on campus. that said, there are always on-campus events on the weekends, especially weekend nights, too, so you can always find something to do (even if it’s necessarily as “exciting” as the activities available at urban schools).

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