Hamilton College ED Class of 2024

Didn’t see a Hamilton ED 2024 group, so here it is!

Good luck on Thursday everyone!

thanks for starting this!! good luck everyone!!

I’m waiting, too! Good luck to all!!

Decisions are on the portal!

I got in!! This is so much more exciting than I thought it would be!!!

My son got in. Congratulations to all who got accepted!

I got in!

I got in!! Congrats everyone!!

I’ve never posted before but might as well now. My son got accepted also. He was very excited.

His older brother is at Hamilton now so we know the school well. Everyone who applied ED probably knows everything about Hamilton they need to at this point but if you have any questions about the college please post them and I’ll try to give you a helpful answer.

Congratulation to all that got accepted. Hamilton is a great place. You’re going to love it.

And if you didn’t get accepted, don’t worry about it. It’s not the end of the world. If you applied to Hamilton you’re obviously a talented student with a lot to offer. My older son applied to another NESCAC school ED and did not get accepted but Hamilton was his 2nd choice and he loves it there. He always says that things worked out for the best. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be fine.

Congratulations to everyone!

Congratulations to everyone!

D also accepted! She started crying when she opened the portal letter. What a fabulous early Christmas present.

We’re all thrilled, though H is a bit disappointed there will be no EDII to Bowdoin (his alma mater)!

If anyone gets a January acceptance, I am happy to answer questions about it. My son was a Jan in 2017, was confused at first by the option, but in retrospect thinks it was the best possible outcome for him.


Did your son go to London for the first semester? My son knows 2 people who went to London the year after your son. They loved it and it was a great opportunity to travel around Europe.

@HamilyDad , my son was admitted as a Jan class of 2022. He went to London his first semester (Fall of 2018) and loved the experience. @MomInSB was very helpful, as her son went the year (or two) before mine. The January start date isn’t for everyone and my son wasn’t sure about it, but it worked out very well in the end. He’s currently a sophomore.

I got in too! good job guys

Congratulations to all who were accepted and for all who were not accepted… stay positive. As another poster said, if you have the stats to apply to Hamilton, you will land at a great school and do great things.

My son was also fortunate enough to be accepted and I am grateful for that. I also want to thank all of the thoughtful posters on this and other forums. I learned so much about the NESCAC schools and would not have introduced my son to Hamilton without reading your well written insights.

So, with that said, I would like to return the favor and provide you with some potentially valuable information…When you visit Hamilton and are driving on route 12 through the quaint little towns, it is a great idea to drive, at or below, the speed limit
(especially in Oxford). If your kid goes to Hamilton you will need those 250 dollars.

Thanks again and good luck to all of you and your kids through this trying process.

@HamilyDad, yes he went to London and it was such a good way for him to begin college, despite our worries beforehand.

That’s great you will have two at the same school! My husband and I have been really impressed with the Hamilton experience for our son, the quality of the faculty (for the most part), the facilities, and the leadership. We would be happy if our high school senior also applies to Hamilton, but not sure she agrees.

Nice to have the plans for next year settled! Congratulations to your student

@MomInSB I hear that there are 60 incoming Jans this year, a significant uptick from the 45 in my D’s year. I have heard of several that are ED1 applicants but I am not sure how many of the 60 are.

@4junior , 60 Jans this year? Wow! I wonder how many of them went to London. I heard 37 went to London last year, my son and your D’s year. I hope your D is enjoying her sophomore year!