Hamilton Fall 2020 Transfer

Okay, there isn’t a thread yet for Hamilton so I thought I’d make it. Good luck to everyone!

Major: English/World Politics
3.9 Coll GPA, incoming sophomore
3.64 HS GPA (Upward Trend)
31 ACT
Essays are pretty good I would think, definitely accurately articulate my overall quirks.

-Joined debate this semester, and after less than a month of joining made it to the quarterfinals of an invitational debate
-Intern for US Dept of State
-Participated in summer program of top DNC presidential candidate
-Officer of interact
-Founded charity club
-Worked for startup
-Filmmaking (invited to cannes film festival)
-Writing novels and poetry
-Ran a video game server with over 20k unique players and 25 staff
-Varsity cross country.
-Dean’s list
-English Student of the year (2019)
-Eagle Scout
-Algebra Student of the year (2016, not really paramount but included anyway)

Where are you currently attending? If you don’t mind me asking.

Yeah no problem, I currently go to ASU.

I applied too! Good luck

Received this from Hamilton, today:

“ Your admission decision will be available at 1:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, May 13, through your applicant portal. If you are admitted to Hamilton, you will also receive an acceptance letter in the mail.”

Goodluck, everyone!

Good luck!

Rejected. Not a time to have high need…

I got waitlisted along with Wesleyan

Stay on those waitlists, if a lot of current students take leave, transfer movement may still happen. Good luck!

That is the plan! I got into Grinnell, NYU, Holy Cross, and Whitman, so I’m not short on options, but both Wes and Hamilton are some of my top choices alongside Grinnell.

Yep, good advice. I’m about to transfer from Wesleyan to Hamilton, so a slot might open up at Wes soon.