Hamilton vs. University of Rochester

I was lucky enough to be accepted into both of these schools, and need help deciding which would be best for me to major in Computer Science.

In terms of financial aid, both schools have given me the same amount of financial aid practically, Hamilton offering more because I got in through HEOP.

I love Hamilton’s campus and the community overall, but I have not gotten the chance to visit UofR’s campus. There’s not a lot of information on how the computer science at Hamilton is and I want to be sure that it is a strong major and I won’t just be going for the campus/community.

How do these schools compare for Computer Science?

Double check how financial aid will be calculated for the other three years.

Hamilton places a lot of emphasis on its computer science program:


If you enter Hamilton with a strong background in programming, you can begin your studies with an accelerated course (CPSCI 112):


I heard that Hamilton’s computer science program is really good but don’t have any concrete evidence to give you to support that. One of my son’s close friends is a computer science major at Hamilton and they say it’s the hardest major with the most work.

Hamilton and Rochester are very different schools. Rochester is much larger than Hamilton (but much smaller than large state schools) and operates more like a university. Hamilton is a small liberal arts school. Both are great schools so you might want to make your decision based more on fit than anything else. I really don’t think you could go wrong at either school. Congratulation on getting admitted to both and good luck on your decision.

If you have a desire to learn the mathematical underpinnings of computer science and their applications, note that Hamilton’s excellent math department offers courses such as Counting and Codes and Mathematics of Machine Learning.