Hands-off Tiger parenting-- your experience?

<p>The eldest cub of Amy Chua (aka Tiger Mother) is on her own at Harvard:
Amy</a> Chua: Tiger Mom's Long-Distance Cub - WSJ.com</p>

<p>How has your own cub coped at BS without daily hands-on parenting? Any positive surprises or regrets?</p>

<p>Thriving in amazing ways. Best thing she's ever done.</p>

<p>I second Exie. Truly the best thing that ever happened to DS. It was a leap of faith, but continues to pay off in so many wonderful ways. We feel so happy about the decision, and DS feels the same. I realize everyone's mileage is going to vary on this - depends on the kid, the school, the circumstances.</p>

<p>And I am very happy to "third" Exie. She is so comfortable, rising to the challenges presented her, and truly thriving. So far, it has been the best experience of her life.</p>

<p>GMTplus7, thank you for the comic relief. I hadn't known it was possible to be competitive about not being competitive. Must be a kinda zen thing. Anything you can do, I can do better...</p>