Harvard Class of 2023 Waitlisted Discussion


Heya! I thought I’d stop by this chain. I just got in off the waitlist, and I was in fact called by someone at Harvard yesterday. I’m a white male in SoCal, 1530 SAT, AP scholar, Volleyballer for 3 years, Actor for 4, and president of two clubs in service and law. I intend to major in Biology or Statistics, and I took AP Calc as a Freshman. I was admitted to UCLA and Cal, and depending on the aid estimate I get tomorrow, I still may go to the latter.
I had no clue that supplementing your application was a thing post wait-list, and during the first week of AP testing, my counselor told me that someone at Harvard (pseudonym Ms. X) had contacted her about my application, and whether I was still strongly considering Harvard. Ms. X asked for an additional writing supplement, which I kept to 500 characters and emailed directly to her. Then, earlier this week, I was called, and I only got on the phone with her yesterday. Idk if that is helpful at all, but that is my story at least. The moral is that it is possible to do, and I am grateful for my counselor.
P.S. In my supplement, I took the approach of, “I do not have great tragedy in my life,but here are the struggles I have overcome since last we left off.”

@Ambivalicious Congrats on our acceptance. Sounds like tough choices ahead. How much time do you have to decide? Again congrats

Sounds a little fishy. You made an account yesterday, and I have never heard of Harvard asking for extra info in a written sup. It’s always an interview. Also if you really heard on Wednesday, I’m sure more people would’ve posted then.

(1) You’re not an expert on Harvard admissions. How would you know if Harvard never asked for an additional writing supplement? (2) Since this is near the end of the college process, meaning there are not many spots left, Harvard could easily accept a single individual or two as opposed to a large “wave.”

I guess that’s fair @thebly and I have no real way of proving my reality. Though I do predict that at least a few others will hear officially about their acceptance today. Ms. X’s call was an unexpected and welcome surprise, but she said the official decision does not come until today, emailed, with financial aid. That’s as close as I can get to proving I’m for real.
@apparently22 I must decide by a week from today, which I will presumably learn later in the email. And finally
@harvardprinceton I very much agree with 2. I doubt there’s many slots left, and I think what few there are will be filled like I guess mine was.

Oh! But looking back, I guess yesterday was their graduation? So it makes sense for them to have called Wednesday rather than Thursday. Anyway, no one has to believe me, but the first round of waitlist acceptances, which I am on, is coming today.


So has anyone’s portal changed? Mine is still the same…



As I said before. The info provided by the AO is that today after 5;00 pm will be a new round.
Good luck to all

Yes it will update exactly at 5. I was told by my AO the same thing a couple of days ago. Even though I had an interview, and it went well, I didn’t get a call, so I guess I’m out. My AO told me I can check on my portal. Pretty sad about this. There’s still a chance, as some don’t call, but I have no clue for now.

5 PM eastern?


Will anymore calls go out today or no?


Well, I have;it’s semantics, but the students who have been asked to provide additional info in the past have called it a “statement” rather than a “supplement.” I can’t speak to the veracity of the @Ambivalicious 's post. As with any post, you can choose to believe or not.

Portal changed

What happened with the portal?

Waitlist status is gone