Harvard Class of 2023 Waitlisted Discussion

Mine still has the waitlist status

no changes here

Still have a waitlist status section

Still have waitlist section

Anyone hear anything?

Rejected. Disappointed beyond words considering I had an interview

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Anyone else?!

Nothing’s changed for me

no changes here

i didn’t get an update to my status, anyone else?

have there been any calls made for this wave yet? or has the wave not started?

@HarvardPlease123 Been a couple

Curious if the second wave is officially over of if more calls will be made throughout the week.

Do not know what’s going on. Last week AO told me that last friday was D day buy nothing…
I am in the dark…

I do know of some one who was offered the z-list (admission as a student for the class of 2024) and accepted last week.

Anyone have any idea when people still on waitlist will hear anything? It’s getting late and I just wanna know haha

Which college are you planning to attend in case Harvard doesn’t accept you?

Yale! Go Bulldogs!! even if harvard accepts me, im still going to yale…

Has anyone been in touch with the AO recently? I wonder if people will start to hear this week.

So I basically know I’m getting rejected but I just really want to get accepted so can they send me the rejection because this is too stressful and it’s taking way too long