Harvard Transfer Fall 2021

Did not see one, anyone applying?

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I have applied to transfer to Harvard as an international candidate. What about you?

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And I did create a thread already for transfer talks: Harvard Transfer 2025

Yeah see, thats a wrong way to label it as it simply does not make sense. We would not be class of 2025 and we would not be transferring to the class of 2025 as well.


True! My mistake


Also, have you also applied to Harvard for transfer admissions?

Yes I have

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Would you like to tell a bit about yourself? Like are you a domestic candidate or international ?

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Sure these are my stats

I am also going to be adding my stats to set the picture

Current Year: Freshman
College: Mary Baldwin University- Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (started college at 16)
(I only went to hs for two years so most of my “hs ecs” also include middle school)
Race and Gender: South Asian Woman
Applying to: Cornell ILR
Current Majors: Economics and Political Science
College GPA: 4.0/4.0 (for my freshman year)
HS GPA: Did not have the GPA system, I was in the International Baccalaureate MYP and scored 24/28 for the academic portion

HS EC’s:
Basketball: U14, U16, and U18. Co-captain and Team manager of U14. Starting Center in U16 and U18
Model UN: Delegated, Chaired, Hosted (Secretariat), and been the International Press for 15 MUN Conferences over three years
Show Choir and Vocals: Alto for three years
Theatre and Received Awards: Lead Female for four years in a row
Did research in the National University of Singapore for genetics (not related but yes)
Participated in a State Social Entrepreneurship conference

College ECs
President of Resident Hall Association Area Council (SGA)
Executive Treasurer of RHA (SGA)
Assistant Editor for Literary Mag
President of Criminal Justice and Leadership Club
Internship with a Tech start up (Environment based)
College English TA Candidate (could not continue due to COVID-19)
President of PEG Alumnus Mentorship

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Cool stats! Since you are a freshman, they would look closely at your high/middle school record.


I have applied as a transfer as well, and I was wondering if anyone got an interview invitation yet?

Hey! Glad to hear that you have applied too… are you US or an international candidate?

No, I have not got interview yet.

US candidate.

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I guess after April 6th, interview requests for transfers will start. What are your thoughts as to the process this year? Everything is so different this year.

The current process is long and delayed. They have many applicants and I fear it will pour over into the transfer application process, and they may delay their decisions. I’m just hoping for an interview haha.

It’s even harder for internationals. I had applied to Harvard REA for freshman admissions and was deferred. Does this also make an impact on decisions?

And it’s mentioned on-site that in most of the situations, there is no need for an interview! But I do believe, getting one shows on the bright side.

What other colleges have you applied to for transfers?

I agree, and I maybe cynical, but I find their words dont always match there actions / beliefs and I also feel like getting an interview request is a good omen.

I’ve applied to transfer to Stony Brook University (accepted; I dont want to go there) and Stanford.

True. And do you think applying freshman and getting deferred is also something that will make an impact?

But I am also scared that the overwhelming number of freshmen applications this year could make their mood only worse, if not bad. and we are at risk :crazy_face:

I dont understand your question just based on fundamentals. How can that impact transfers? We’re a different pool and aren’t considered for the freshman class.