Harvard Transfer Fall 2021

admissions just said they expect to release transfer decisions in ‘early may’!


Where did they say this…?

Thats so exciting! Where did you get to hear this?

the websites states summer and from pervious years its been in June so I dont think they will release in may lol

It says in mid may( Harvard College Website)

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I emailed admissions. That’s precisely what they said.



Did anyone else get an interview recently?

I had an interview last week and the admissions officer said decisions will be released late may, early june


I really hope they come out early May! I’m excited nonetheless. Good luck everyone!!


Hi y’all I’m probably just paranoid, but do you all have “Required transfer application document” as one of the options in the dropdown menu (“Select Material Type”) under the Upload Materials tab? I’m kinda freaked out I may have missing materials that they somehow didn’t receive!!

I also have that as an option!

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I do too! Don’t worry about it—your materials were probably submitted fine. :slight_smile:

Hello. I am an international student from Eastern Europe who have also applied for transfer to havard. My results are : multiplic national chemistry medalist, founder of the biggest science competition with 7 different subjects ( chemistry, biology, physics, informatics, math, astronomy, earth science), author of a chemistry book with problems for 7-8 grades olympics, winner of a national science competition in College, i was also a chemistry teacher this year at a private high school, i practised basketball at national competitions and i am part of a team who is working with international relations about education. Also i had an talk show about this science contest this spring. My grades are good and at chemistry topic i used to have 10. Unfourtunately i am not a international olympic and i do not have so many voluntarity work, so do you think that i have any chance? I am very stressed:d.

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You look really impressive. And I so much wish you get in! And I am also super proud of you for what you have done throughout and all your achievements! Kudos to you!

Harvard accepts on average 12-15 students per transfer cycle, so it is very hard to say who gets in and who doesn’t. But despite everything, you are a great human being and a scholar and you will do your best wherever you end up!

I cannot wait for the decisions day.

Thanks very much! You too! I think that this friday we will find the results.


Do you mean coming friday or tomorrow?

Tomorrow! The first friday of may. This is the date when they usually give the results for transfers.

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Did you ever contact the admissions office recently? Because someone here has said early may but I also got to hear late may…I so much wish it is tomorrow!

They said to me yesterday that in May but not when. However i have read on cc forum that they usually give the results in first friday of may. I am stressed because it’s the only university where i have applied:)