Has any international Dartmouth ED applicant been offered an interview?

I have been seeing posts about people being offered interviews and I haven’t received any information about it, which is making me extremely anxious.

It’s based on availability NOT the strength of your application. Just wait, as there’s likely far fewer Dartmouth alumni living outside of the US than those in the US, though there may be more alumni willing to interview international applicants this year due to virtual interviews.

Hey, Dartmouth international student here. I can say that internationals in countries without a lot of alumni are rarely offered interviews, and usually remote if they are.

However, if it has been two or more weeks since you submitted your application, you can request an interview, as I did. This will almost certainly be virtual, especially this year, but I haven’t heard of anyone who requested an interview and didn’t get one.

Thank you so much! I actually just got an email yesterday and I have been offered an interview. phew I’m so relieved. But thank you so much!

hey! I’m an international applying this year as well. Is the interviewer from your country or are they from the US?

hey haha this is rlly late sorry. I’m an international I got an interview like 3 days after I submitted my common app. They lived in the same country I did but was from a different country and not from the us as well.