Has anybody gotten a Presidential Scholarship? What were your stats?

I know about 10 of them of offered each year, and I’m curious what type of students are getting them. Is it mainly dependent on stats, ECs, essays, or a combination of everything?

Presidential scholarships are one type of only two merit scholarships offered at Trinity. The other merit based scholarship program is restricted to Illinois residents. That number you list seems very high for a school that only enrolls 550 plus students. Where Trinity shines is that Trinity offers expanded and very generous need based aid and combination merit/need to Posse Scholars among others. If you come from a first gen family or are a protected minority the admission is seeking to increase diversity by enrolling highly qualified candidates like you. If your family does not qualify for financial aid the competition is extremely high for merit aid at Trinity. It is a fantastic academic school. Best of luck.

Hello! I was lucky enough to receive the Presidential Scholarship this year (Class of 2024). This came as a huge surprise, but I am beyond grateful for it, as Trinity is my top school and receiving this scholarship makes college much more affordable for me. I think there were a number of factors that contributed to me receiving this scholarship, but I’ll list everything I can think of that people in the future may want to read/see for their chances of receiving it. :slight_smile:

Political Science or Human Rights Major
3.9 GPA unweighted, 4.3 weighted
Didn’t submit SAT or ACT score
First Generation college student
Came from a small public school in central MA
Had an amazing interview with a student rep (my advice—sign up for an interview!! I really think this made all the difference in my application. Also, write a thank you note and send it to your interviewer!)
Come from a low income family
Wrote both my essays surrounding social justice (what I’m passionate about) and using my voice to help other minority groups
Very very involved ECs - leader of my school’s GSA, leader of my school’s social justice club called Connections (organized and planned a social justice conference that had 700+ people and 40+ schools from around New England in attendance), 100+ hours of community service, heavily involved with nonprofit, nonpartisan organization called HeadCount (registering people to vote at concerts and big events) - registered over 250 people with 80+ hours of volunteering, organizing a suicide prevention walk in my community, youth cabinet member of MA Congressman, National Honors Society Member, competitive equestrian team member for 5 years, in my school’s chorus since 7th grade (multiple school awards alongside this).

I might be forgetting something, but best of luck! I hope this helps someone in the future. PS. I never expected to receive this scholarship, so don’t lose hope if your ECs, GPA, etc are different from mine or previous Presidential Scholars. :slight_smile: