Has anyone heard back ED from Wake Forest yet?

I am wondering if anyone heard back from Wake Forest. Applied ED and sent info end of June. Please let me know if anyone heard and if they heard by email or letter.

Hi! I submitted my ED application on July 15th and my school had everything in by August 7th. I am hoping to hear back by the end of the month but I know there might be a delay due to COVID. From last years ED thread it looks like most people heard back within 2-6 weeks. Also, I think a status update is posted to your portal and a letter comes by mail.

@blueskies27 have you heard back yet?

Not yet…do you think tomorrow is the day?

I submitted and had everything in on July 16th. I have not received an admissions decision yet.

@Ecrollins wow! you have been waiting a long time. I hope we will all hear tmrw!! I submitted on July 15th but didn’t have all the green check marks until Aug. 7th. Tmrw will be 5 weeks for since everything have been submitted.

I just heard and was accepted! Thanks to everyone!

I was accepted! Thank you to everyone for the help and support!!

@eSDCA20 very happy for you!!

Congrats nationalslove4!

@fifsoflove thank you!! have you heard back yet?

@eSDCA20 Not yet…I was sure that last Friday was the day and nothing came through. Hoping this week? Definitely will post as soon as portal is updated.