Has this ever happend to you ?

<p>So I love physics and its one of my favorite subjects and for sum reason today I did really bad on an easy test .</p>

<p>So why do things like this happen and has it happend to you?</p>

<p>Physics is logical thinking and reasoning, not rote memorization of formulas. Open the textbook and do as many problems at the end of the chapter as you can, you’ll see improvement in your tests.</p>

<p>Yeah - I really love the English language and reading, particularly, but I got an 80% on my first AP Literature essay, which, despite being the highest grade in the class, still hurt my soul since I’ve never gotten less than an A on any piece of writing in English, ever.</p>

<p>I cannot necessarily speak to your scenario but I believe the aforementioned situation happened to me because I became way too comfortable in my writing style and my AP Lit teacher is trying to shake me out of stagnancy and push me to improve myself, something I never consciously tried to do - so its going to be difficult.</p>

<p>I hear u preamble I’ve just lost a lot of confidence in myself now and I am struggiling with getting back to myself</p>