Haven’t heard from SLO- is denial likely?

I’ve been hearing conflicting information that notification goes in waves. First acceptance, then WL, then denials. Is this generally true for SLO?
This is a crazy year and every outcome feels wildly unpredictable. Any insight would be appreciated!

Not to burst your bubble, but I have been on CC for 10 years and have followed the SLO decision timelines. They have always done a wave or 2 of admits, followed by waitlists and then rejections. They also say that more “decisions” will be posting. Yes they do post some decisions in between the waves but usually hardly any admits. Yesterday they were posting some admits that required a portfolio review which delayed these decisions.

Both my son’s applied to SLO and the pattern was the same.

No Decision is No Decision and SLO could possibly deviate from their norm. You will know by April 1 so not much longer to wait.

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My S22 is in the same boat. We assume that a “denial” is coming today/next week and making alternative college plans. But I don’t have any real insight, and this year has been so strange.


Thank you for the reply! We have a realistic view of the odds, but there is still a little hope, especially since this year seems to be so wild. :slightly_smiling_face:
We have a few great choices but it would be nice to know for sure!

I have to say the majority of the CSU campuses when it comes to decisions are highly unpredictable, but SLO has been historically very predictable. I know that does not help in this situation, but maybe SLO will prove me wrong this year.

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My daughter got her acceptance on 3/10 but we know several others who haven’t heard anything yet. We just watched an IG live for admitted students and they said they still have more applications to review and more students to admit. You’ll know by 4/1 at the latest. This was a record breaking year for applicants- almost 70k applied, so it’s taking longer than usual to go through them. Good luck.


Thank you for your kind reply! Fingers crossed but trying to keep one foot on the ground. :grinning:

We’re still under review too. :weary:

What is his intended major? My son applied for CE.

My son got waitlisted at SLO on 3/18…