Heads Up: New homepage coming tomorrow

Hi everyone!

One of the main requests that we get from folks new to College Confidential is a simpler way of finding what they need right from the homepage. To answer this call, tomorrow we’ll be launching a new version of www.collegeconfidential.com (the main home page when to tap the C/C icon in the upper left on desktop). This vastly simplified home page will help new users to find what they need by better defining the types of info/discussions/help they can find and where to find it.

NOTE: This does not affect the forum homepage at talk.collegeconfidential.com. Nor does it affect the header at the top where you find all the links to various parts of CC.


When I click the C/C icon in the upper left, it takes me to the forums homepage. Is that a setting I’ve selected somewhere? I can’t find anything in my profile/preferences. In fact, if I wanted to go to www. collegeconfidential. com, I’d have to manually type that into my browser and override the suggestion that I want to go to the “talk.collegeconfidential” site.

Maybe higher priority should be to fix that bug that makes avatars fill the page…

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Best thing you could do is make the site run/load faster. Ever since the redesign, it’s been slow and buggy.

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That’s how it works on mobile and tablet. The logo only takes you back to the homepage on desktop.

A different team is working on that one. Rest assured we’re still working on it at the same time.

We’ll keep at it!

I’m not seeing anything different…on my iPad. What am I missing?

I figured it out…I’m on talk.collegeconfidential.com

And you said no change would happen there!

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I’ve noticed since the update the forum pages are jumping horrifically while reading. I’m sure it’s an ad or other embedded “feature” but it makes the forum unusable.

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Same….lots more jumping and page reloading.

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